10 Smartphones Apps That Can Make us a Better Person



Smartphones have taken the world, especially India by surprise. It is truly one of the most powerful inventions of 21st Century, maybe of all time.

I cannot literally imagine even one day without my smartphone now as most of my daily tasks and activities are dependent on it.

With that said, below is the list of 10 apps that I have come across and personally use to improve my health, maintain relationships, increase productivity, and stay positive with my finances.

10 Smartphone Apps for a better life

  1. Workout Trainer – 

    workout_trainerThis app helps me with my workouts and fitness training. If you are looking to achieve a realistic goal like losing weight, gaining weight, getting in shape, etc. it will help you. Workout Trainer is a TOP app on Android and you can download it over here.

  2. Google Fit – Fitness Tracking –google_fit

    This app helps keep track of my workouts and fitness training activities like running, walking, etc. It automatically tracks all our activities throughout the day, your android smartphone automatically logs them with Google Fit. You can download the app over here.

  3. Google Keep –google_keep

    This app helps us quickly capture what’s on our mind and get a reminder later at the right place or time. Google Keep makes it easy to capture a thought or list for yourself, and share it with friends and family. You can download the app over here.

  4. 7 Weeks – Habit and Goal Tracker – 

    7_habitsThere is an old saying, “First We Make our Habits, then our Habits Make us”. Use this app to add, remove and change your habits that support you to reach your goals. I have the paid version of this app as its just so awesome. You can also try the Free version of the app by downloading it over here.

  5. Evernote –evernote

    This is one of my favorite apps. Evernote is the modern workspace that syncs between all of your devices. Work everywhere and stay productive:
    Download the app right here.

  6. Paytm – Recharge, Shop, and Wallet –paytm

    Use this app for prepaid online mobile recharge, DTH recharge & data card recharge, or pay your mobile or utility bills and also shop online. It’s easy, it’s quick and you can trust Paytm, just like 100 million customers do! Download the mobile app over here.

  7. Flipkartflipkart

    You can now shop the things you need from the massive selection of products in Fashion, Electronics, Books, Mobiles and other categories from the Flipkart app.You can too by downloading the app from here.

  8. BeeWise Expense Manager –beewise

    This is a really cool app to keep a track of your expenses. BeeWise helps users track all their daily expenses without ever entering them. You could check it out over here. 

  9. Adobe Acrobat Reader –adobe_acrobat

    Adobe Acrobat Reader is a well-known app that opens up pdf files. Among other things, one of the best things I like about this app is that we can save a document on cloud and access it everywhere, including our smartphones and tablets. You could download it over here.

  10. My Universe – Finance and Money –my_universe

    I have saved my favorite app for the last. This app is very useful to keep a track of your entire finances like income, expense, assets, liabilities, etc. Use this app to always be on top of your finances. Download it over here.

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